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Sergey Vasilevich KIRIKOV


Sergey KIRIKOV, USSR Ornithologist. Biogeographer; Doctor of Biological Science since 1947; associate, Institute of Geography, USSR Academy of Science, since 1947.


KIRIKOV, Sergey was born in 1899 in village Aleksino, now Smolensk Oblast.


1928 graduated Belarusian Agriculture Academy. 1931-1934 postgrad, student at Moscow Fur Institute.


1919-1920 in Red Army. 1920-1922 village teacher. 1926-1930 agricultural specialist in various regions of Belarusian, Moscow Oblast and Bashkir.

Later worked at Bcrezino and AskaniyaNova National Parks. 1934-1936 Assistant, Moscow Fur Institute. Made two research expeditions to Central Tyan-Shan and Southern Urals.

1937-1945 Director, Science Section, Bashkir National Park. Now completing a work on hist, changes in the distribution of animals in the USSR during the 13-19th c.