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Sergey Vladimirovich SIMANSKY

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia

Sergey SIMANSKY, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. Chairman, Holy Synod, Russia Orthodox Church, since 1945; member, Soviet Peace Defense Committee. two Order of Red Banner of Labor, 1946 and 1952; medal “For Defense of Leningrad”; medal “For Valiant Labor during Patriotic War”; orders of Eastern Orth, patriarchates.


SIMANSKY, Sergey was born in 1877 in Moscow.


Graduated Katkov Lyc6e. 1899 graduated Law Faculty, Moscow University. 1900-1904 studied at Moscow Ecclesiastical Academy, graduating as Candidate of Theol.

Since 1948 Doctor “Honoris Causa” of Theol.


Supports Soviet government and Party policy in name of Russia Orthodox Church. Appears in person at congresses of Peace Defense Committee and instructs clergy to follow his example. Responsible for dissolution of Uniate Church in Galicia.

By sponsoring the opening of new Orth, churches abroad under jurisdiction of Moscow Patriarchate, he pursues policy aimed at subordinating foreign Orth, communities to Moscow. During Greek Communist uprising demanded that Archbishop Damaskinos, head of Greek Orthodox Church, intervene to stop “persecution” of rebels. After 1948 split between Yugoslavia and Soviet Union, Aleksiy returned the Order of National Liberation presented to him by Tito.

1950 protested in United Nations Security Council against “US interference in internal affairs of Korea”, and demanded withdrawal of troops and cessation of war. 1954 called on churches in West to condemn rearming of German Federal Republic. 1955 condemned atomic warfare and supported policy of Soviet government.

1961 announced willingness of Russian Orthodox Church to enter World Council of Churches, having formerly refused - possibly at instigation of Soviet government - on grounds of dogma. 1902 became monk under name of Aleksiy and ordained priest-deacon. 1903 ordained priestmonk.

1904 Inspector, Pskov Theol. Seminary; 1906 Rector, Tula Theol. Seminary, and ordained Archimandrite.

1911 Rector, Novgorod Ecclesiastical Seminary, and Father Superior, St. Anthony Monastery. 1913 ordained Bishop of Tikhvin and Vicar, Novgorod Eparchy. 1919 governed Novgorod Eparchy and became Father Superior, Varlaam-Khutinsk Monastery.

1921 Bishop of Yamburg and Vicar, See of Petrograd. 1922 governed See of Petrograd. 1926 Archbishop of Novgorod.

1927 member, Holy Synod. 1932 Metropolitan of Novgorod. 1933 Metropolitan of Leningrad.

1944 temporary incumbent of Patriarchal throne.