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Shao-nan Lin Edit Profile

consular official

Shao-nan Lin was a Chinese consular official.


He was born in Ningpo, Chekiang, China in 1888.


Shao-nan Lin received his early education at the International Institute in Shanghai, China. Then he went to Japan for advanced education and was graduated from the Meiji University, Tokyo, with Bachelor of Civil Law degree and the Hosei University with Bachelor of Law degree.


Shao-nan Lin participated in the 1911 Revolution and associated with General Chiang Kai-shek, then a major in the 2nd Division of the Shanghai Revolutionary Army. He passed the Civil Service Examination for Returned Students in the 4th Year of the Republic and was appointed to various offices in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Under the Nationalist Government he successively held the posts of Superintendent of Customs and Commissioner for Foreign Affairs at Nanking, director of the Nanking Surtax Bureau, assistant director of the International Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and acting director of the same department, Consul-General for Formosa in 1930.