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Shigefumi Mori

educator , mathematician

Shigefumi Mori, Japanese mathematician, educator. Recipient Japan Mathematical Society Iyanaga Prize, 1983, Autumn Prize, 1988, Chunichi Culture Prize, 1984, Inoue Science Prize, 1989, Japan Academy Prize, 1990, Fields Medal, International Mathematics Union Congress, 1990, Person of Cultural Merit Prize Japanese Government, 1990, Frank Nelson Cole Algebra prize American Mathematics Society 1992, American Mathematical Society Cole Prize 1990.


Mori, Shigefumi was born on February 23, 1951 in Nagoya, Japan.


Bachelor, Kyoto U, Japan, 1973. Master of Arts, Kyoto U, 1975. Doctor of Philosophy in Science, Kyoto U, 1978.


Assistant professor Kyoto University, Japan, 1975—1977, Harvard University, 1977—1980. Lecturer Nagoya University, Japan, 1980—1981, associate professor Japan, 1982—1985, professor Japan, 1988—1990. Professor algebraic geometry, chair Research Institute of Mathematics Sciences, Kyoto University, since 1990.

Visiting professor Harvard University 1977-1980, Institute for Advanced Study 1981-1982, Columbia University 1985-1987, University of Utah 1987-1989,1991-1992.


  • Contributor articles to professional journals.