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Shiko Benyaminovich ARANOV

composer and conductor

Shiko ARANOV, USSR Composer and conductor. Real name: ARANOVICH. Honoured Art Worker of Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1950; Popular Artist of Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1954; Artistic Director, Moldavia State Variety Orchestra, since 1956; board member, Moldavia Union of Composers. Badge of Honor, 1960; three medals.


ARANOV, Shiko was born in 1905 in Tatarbunary, Southern Bessarabia, now Odessa Oblast.


Since 1923 studied musical theory and composition, Kishinev Conservatory. 1933 graduated composition and trumpet class, Bucharest Conservatory.


Until occupation of Bessarabia by Soviet Army in 1940 worked in Rumania. 1940-1942 Conductor, Kishinev Philharmonic Orchestra. 1942-1948 Conductor and Artistic Director, Moldavia State Jazz Band.

1948-1956 Artistic Director, Moldavia State Dance Ensemble.