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educator , linguist , writer

Sidney Greenbaum was a British scholar of the English language and of linguistics.


Mr. Greenbaum was born on December 31, 1929, in London, United Kingdom. He was a son of Lewis and Nellie (Bernknopf) Greenbaum.


In 1951 Sidney Greenbaum obtained a degree of Bachelor in Hebrew and Aramaic with honors from University London. In 1953 he received Master of Arts from University London. Mr. Greenbaum postgraduate certified in education, University London, 1954.

In 1957 Mr. Greenbaum earned his Bachelor in English with honors from University London. He got Doctor of Philosophy from University London in 1967. Sidney Greenbaum received Human Health and Disease degree (honorary) from University Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 1989.


From 1954 to 1957 Mr. Greenbaum served as a primary school teacher, London. Between 1957 and 1964 he was the head of high school English department, London. From 1963 till 1966 Mr. Greenbaum worked as a tutor in adult evening courses, Goldsmith's College, University of London.

During the period of 1967-1968 he was an instructor of English at University College, University of London. In 1983-1990 Sidney Greenbaum was appointed Quain professor of English language and literature at University College, University of London. Since 1983 he acted as a director Survey of English Usage at University College, University of London. From 1988 till 1990 he worked as a dean faculty of arts, University College, University of London.

Between 1970 and 1972 Sidney Greenbaum was an associate professor at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. During 1972-1983 he held the post of a professor of English, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. In 1986-1988 he was appointed dean faculty of arts, University of London. From 1968 to 1969 he resumed his office as a visiting assistant and professor of English at University of Oregon, Eugene. It was at this time that Mr. Greenbaum’s first book was published, entitled Studies in English Adverbial Usage.

During 1969-1970 Sidney Greenbaum was a visiting professor at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, in 1972-1973 at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in 1991-1995 at University College, London, and held the post of a research professor since 1995.

In 1990, Mr. Greenbaum retired in order to turn his attention to the International Corpus of English, a compilation of nearly twenty types of English language used around the world. He also served as editor to Comparing English Worldwide.


  • Mr. Greenbaum gained prominence for his work in English grammar.



Quotations: "Good English is sometimes equated with correct English, but the two concepts should be differentiated. Correct English is conformity to the norms of the standard language. Good English is good use of the resources available in the language. In that sense we can use non-standard dialect well and we can use standard language badly." (The Oxford English Grammar, 17)


Member of Reform Club.


Quiet, mild and equable in temperament, Sidney (or Salman) Greenbaum was not a man one could be confident of really knowing. For all his love of entertaining, not least at the Reform Club, membership of which gave him enormous pleasure, he was a decidedly private man, rather ill at ease socially, with a sometimes brusque manner which may have been directed at concealing the shy, perhaps lonely, perhaps even unhappy man within.


Lewis Greenbaum

Nellie (Bernknopf) Greenbaum