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Sigmund Skard Edit Profile

linguist , Professor , translator , poet

Sigmund Skard, Norwegian Poet, scholar. Member Modern Language Association (honorary), academies Gothenburg, Oslo, Trondheim. M C.


Skard, Sigmund was born on July 31, 1903 in Kristiansand, Norway. Son of Matias and Gyda (Christensen) Skard.


Magister artium, University Oslo, 1931. Doctor Philosophy, University Oslo. Degree (honorary), University Pennsylvania.

Degree (honorary), University West Berlin.


He was a nephew of Johannes Skar and Christopher Bruun, a brother of Bjarne and Eiliv Skard and a half-brother of Olav and Torfinn Skard. He took the dr.philos. degree in 1938 with a thesis on Aasmund Olavsson Vinje. He was hired at the University Library of Oslo, and was connected to the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters in Trondheim.

During the German occupation of Norway, he fled to the United States and worked at the Library of Congress and the Office of War Information. After the war he settled at Lysaker, and worked as a professor in American literature at the University of Oslo from 1946 to 1973. A proponent of the Nynorsk language form, he was the secretary of the publishing house Det Norske Samlaget from 1930 to 1938, and chairman of the board from 1949 to 1972.

From 1940 to 1950 he was the vice chairman of Noregs Mållag. The most prestigious awards were the 1983 Arts Council Norway Honorary Award and the 1992 Brage Honorary Prize. She was the daughter of Halvdan Koht and Karen Grude Koht.

The couple had five children. Among them Halvdan Skard, Torild Skard and Målfrid Grude Flekkøy.


  • Skard has an extensive bibliography, and has received numerous awards.


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  • Other Work

    • Author: Norsk Ordbok, 1932. A.O. Vinje og antikken: Studier i norsk andshistorie, 1938. For Norge (poetry) 1942, (with Halvdan Koht) The Voice of Norway, 1944.

      Bøker om Norges kamp, 1945. Vestanfor havet (poetry), 1946. Lang var (poetry), 1946.

      The Use of Color in Literature, 1946. Sola gar mot vest (poetry), 1948. Amerikanske problem, 1949.

      Til Marcus Thranes idehistorie, 1949. American Studies in Europe: Their Development and Present Organization, 2 vols., 1958.

      The American Myth and the European Mind, 1961. Haustraun (poetry), 1966. Americana Norvegica: Norwegian Contributions to American Studies, vols.

      1-4, 1966-1973. (with A.N.J. den Hollander) American Civilization: An Introduction, 1968. Poppel ved flyplass (poetry), 1970.

      (with M. Saito) The American Image in the World (in Japanese), 1972. Det levande ordet (biography), 1972. Auga og hjarta (poetry), 1973.

      Ord mot mørkret (poetry), 1976. The United States in Norwegian History, 1976. Trans-Atlantica: Memoirs of a Norwegian Americanist, 1978.

      Skymingssong (poetry), 1979. Classical Tradition in Norway, 1980. Solregn (autobiography), 1980.

      Mennesket Halvdan Koht (biography), 1982. A.G. Skard Bibliografi 1915-1983, 1983. Atterklang (poetry), 1987.

      Karen Grude Koht (biography), 1987. Norsk utefront i United States of America 1940-1945, 1987. Daad og dikt (essays), 1963.

      Vandringar (essays), 1983. Dikt i utval (poetry), 1973. Ein arv til å gøyma (speeches), 1974.

      Andlet til andlet (essays), 1974. (with A.G. Skard) Menneske vi mötte (biography), 1985. Also translations from many languages including: Catullus, Dante, Emily Dickinson.

      Contributor articles to profl.jours.


Member Modern Language Association (honorary), academies Gothenburg, Oslo, Trondheim. M C.


Son of; married Ase Gruda Koht, January 5, 1933. Children: Torild, Malfrid, Asmund, Halvdan, Anne.

Matias Skard

Gyda (Christensen) Skard

Ase Gruda Koht

Torild Skard

Malfrid Skard

Asmund Skard

Halvdan Skard

Anne Skard