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Stafford Gorman Whittle, American judge.


Whittle, Stafford Gorman was born on December 5, 1849 in Woodstock, Virginia, United States. Son of Commodore William Conway W. (United States Navy and C.S.N.) and Elizabeth Beverley (Sinclair) W.


Educated Washington College (now Washington and Lee University) and University of Virginia, honorary Doctor of Laws, 1919.


Admitted to bar, 1871. Practiced law in Virginia, 1871-1881. Judge 4th Judicial Circuit, Virginia, 1881-1882, and 1886-1901.

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Appeals Virginia, term, 1901-1925. Elected president of court, April 25, 1919. Resigned from court December 31, 1919.


Married Ruth Drewry, November 4, 1880 (deceased). Children: Stafford Gorman, Henry Drewry, Flora Redd, Mistress Elizabeth Sinclair Johnston, Mistress Ruth Drewry Hubbard, Conway McNiece (deceased), Kennon Caithness, William Murray, Beverley Kennon, Arthur Sinclair (deceased), Randolph Gordon.

Commodore William Conway W. Whittle

Ruth Drewry

Beverley Kennon Whittle

Conway McNiece Whittle (deceased)

Stafford Gorman Whittle

Flora Redd Whittle

William Murray Whittle

Kennon Caithness Whittle

Mistress Ruth Drewry Hubbard Whittle

Mistress Elizabeth Sinclair Johnston Whittle

Arthur Sinclair Whittle (deceased)

Randolph Gordon Whittle

Henry Drewry Whittle