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Stanislav Filippovich LYUDKEVICH


Stanislav LYUDKEVICH, USSR Composer. Doctor of Philosophy; Professor, and Head, Chair of Composition, Lvov Conservatory, since 1939; board member, Ukrainia Union of Composers, since 1956; Popular Artist of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1954; full member, Shevchenko Society, since 1937; Honoured Art Worker of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1946. Order of Red Banner of Labor, 1949; Badge of Honor, 1951.


LYUDKEVICH, Stanislav was born in 1879 in Yaroslava, Galicia.


1901 graduated Philosophy Faculty, Lvov University. Received doctorate in Vienna.


1910-1914 and since 1917 Director and Professor, of Theory, Ukrainia Lysenko Higher Music Institute, Lvov. 1926-1939 inspector of branches of above institutes. Intermittently Editor, music journals “Artistichesky vestnik” (Artistic Herald), “Muzykalny listok” (Music Sheet), “Ukrainskaya muzyka” (Ukrainian Music).

Arranged 1500 Western Ukrainia folk songs. 1939-1951 senior associate, Lvov Branch, Institute of Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnography, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences. 1939 Chairman, Lvov Organization Committee, Ukrainia Union of Composers.

Author of music text-books.