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Stephen Sayre

banker , diplomatic agent

Stephen Sayre, American banker, diplomatic agent.


Sayre, Stephen was born on June 12, 1736 in Southampton, Long Island, New York, United States. Son of John and Hannah (Howell) Sayre.


Graduated from College of New Jersey (now Princeton, 1757.


Went to England; organizer banking house Stephen Sayre & Barth-Coote-Purdon, London, England., 1770. Promoted cause of colonies in England. Sheriff of London, 1773.

Signer petition from Americans in London protesting closing of Port of Boston, 1774. Arrested for political activities, charged with plotting to seize King and overthrow government, released due to lack of evidence, 1775. Secretary to Arthur Lee on diplomatic mission to Berlin for United States, 1777.

Made unofcl. visit to Copenhagen, Denmark to propose commercial relations with United States, 1777. Posed as United States agent, Stockholm, Sweden, accomplished nothing, 1779. Engaged in private financial ventures in Russia, 1779-1783.

Bought estate in New Jersey, 1793.


Married Elizabeth Noel, February 18, 1775. Married second, Elizabeth Dorone, 1790.

John Sayre

Hannah (Howell) Sayre

Elizabeth Noel

Elizabeth Dorone