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Stewart Lyndon WOODFORD, Minister of the United States. Stewart Woodford was one of the more controversial figures of the war. Woodford served as the U.S. Ambassador to Spain in the months leading up to the war. It was Woodford's job to present the changing American policy to the Spanish government.


Studied at Yale College, and Columbia University Bachelor of Arts Columbia. Doctor of Laws Trinity. Master of Arts Yale and Columbia.

Doctor of Civil Law Syracuse.


Admitted to Bar, 1857. Messenger of New York Electoral College, conveying to Washington vote for Abraham Lincoln as president, 1860. Assist. United States Attorney at New York, 1861.

Private in Volunteer Army, 1862. Lieutenant-Colonel 1863. Colonel 1864; Brevet Brigade-General and assigned by president to duty of Brevet rank, 1865.

First Military Governor of Charleston, South Carolina (United States.),and Chief of Staff, Department of South, 1865. Resigned and resumed practice of law, 1865. Lieutenant-Governor of New York, 1867.

Attorney for the United States at New York, 1876. President of New York Electoral College that voted for Ulysses S. Grant as president, 1872. Member of Congress, 1873.

Member of Commission that framed the charter of the Greater New York, 1896. Minister of the United States to Spain, 1897-1898. President HudsonFulton Celebration Commission, 1906.


Clubs: University, Union League of Brooklyn, Hamilton, Lotus, Century, New Y’ork.

  • St. Anthony Hall , United States

    November, 1857 - November, 1860


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