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T. Chinpin Tsai (Tsai Cheng)


Mr. T. Chinpin Tsai was a Chinese educator and professor who received his education in the United States but then used to work at many universities all around China: National Southeastern University, Tsinghua College, Fuh Tan University of Shanghai and others.


Mr. T. Chinpin Tsai was born in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, China in 1892.


Mr. Tsai studied at the Yu-Chang Methodist Preparatory School in Nanchang where he was awarded a scholarship as the best pupil for the year 1906-1907.

From 1907 to 1910 he attended Nanjing University and the following year he graduated from the Fuh Tan Middle School. Mr. Tsai then spent a year touring Japan returning in 1912 to study at Tsinghua College, from which he graduated in 1915 after taking a leading part in student activities such as oratorical contests, debates and editing the Tsinghua weekly paper - the Tsinghuapper.

During 1915-1916 Mr. Tsai taught English and mathematics at Tsinghua.

Mr. Tsai went to America in 1916 on a Tsinghua scholarship studying at Pomona College, Claremont, California where he was member of the Areopagus literary and debating society and winner of the second prize in the Freshman oratorical contest.

In 1917 Mr. Tsai entered Princeton University where he was a member of the Clio literary and debating society. During 1917-1918 he studied economics at College from which he received an A. B. degree. The following year he studied economics and business in Columbia University receiving an M. A. degree.


Before returning to China in 1920 Mr. Tsai was editor-in-chief of the Chinese Students Quarterly of the Chinese Students Alliance and treasurer and president of the Tsinghua Alumni Association in America.

Mr. Tsai also worked in the export department of the Wah Chang Trading Corporation, New York City during his last year in America.

Returning to China Mr. Tsai became dean of the Business School and professor of business science at Fuh Tan University, Shanghai where he remained for two years.

Mr. Tsai was lecturer on business principles at the Shanghai Commercial College of National Southeastern University in 1921-1922 and also lecturer on banking and exchange in the Commercial Department of the Chi Nan Institute, Shanghai and instructor of business English at the Kiangsu First Provincial Commercial School, Shanghai. In 1922, he went to Tsinghua College as teacher of economics and business and was Alumni Secretary 1923.