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Tadeusz Mieczyslaw RYBCZYNSKI Edit Profile


Tadeusz Mieczyslaw RYBCZYNSKI, economist in the field of International Economics; Economic Growth, Development and Fluctu ations; Domestic Monetary and Financial Theory and Institutions.


RYBCZYNSKI, Tadeusz Mieczyslaw was born in 1923 in Lwow, Poland.


Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Science University London, 1949, 1952.


Lloyds Bank, London, 1949-1953. Part-time Lector, London School of Economies and Political Science, London, United Kingdom, 1958-1959. Visiting Professor, University Surrey, 1968-1974, City University London, since 1974.

Economics Adviser (Director, Lazard Securities Ltd., since 1969), Lazard Bros. & Company, London, England, since 1954. Editor Business Economics, 75.

Editorial Board, World Economy, since 1977. Editor Committee, Round Table.


  • Chairman, Society of Business Economics, 1962-1975. Governor, Member, Council Management & Executive Committee, National Institute of Economie and Social Research, London, United Kingdom, 1966. Member, Scientific Committee, International Centre Banking and Monetary Studies, University Geneva, 1967.

    Member, Governing Body, Trade and Policy Research Centre, London, since 1968. Council Member, Treasurer, Royal Economic Society, United Kingdom, 1969-1976, 1976—; Member, Economics Council, United Kingdom Social Science Research Council, United Kingdom or United States of America, 8. Member, Advisory Board Banking and Finance, University Aston Management Centre, Birmingham, 1973-1981.

    Member, Financial Committee Confed. British Industry, 1974-1978. Member Board Governors, Brunei University, England, 1976-1979.

    Member, United Kingdom Monopolies and Mergers Commission, 1978-1981. Member, Parliamentary and Whitehall Committee, City Communications Centre, London, since 1978. Member, Monetary Commission, International Chamber Commerce, since 1978.

    Committee Member, Foreign Affairs Club, Vice president, Section F, since 1980. Member, Economics and Social Affairs Committee, British Institute, Institution Management, London, since 1980. Member, Research Committee, Royal Institute, Institution International Affairs, London, since 1980.

    Bernard Harms Medal Outstanding Contribut. to Economics Profession, Institute, Institution World Economy, University Kiel.


My main contribution has been the attempt to see when the factor-price equalisation theorem, developed by Samuelson and Stolper and forming part of HeckscherOhlin international trade theory, holds good.