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Taj-Ul-Deen Abdul-Rauf Nuseibeh Edit Profile

safety engineer

Taj-Ul-Deen Abdul-Rauf Nuseibeh, Jordanian Safety engineer. Certified engineer.


Nuseibeh, Taj-Ul-Deen Abdul-Rauf was born on September 15, 1933 in Jerusalem. Son of Abdul-Rauf Saleh and Sarah Musa Nuseibeh.


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics, East Texas State College, 1958; Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Oklahoma State University, 1960.


Mechanic engineer, Ministry of National Economy, Amman, Jordan, 1961-1962; safety engineer, Ministry of Social Affairs, Amman, 1962-1971; construction engineering, Ministry of Health, Amman, 1971-1972; consultant maintenance engineer, Ministry of Public Works, Amman, 1972-1973; occupational safety and health advisor, Ministry of Labor, Amman, 1973-1983; training administrator, Ministry of Labor, Amman, 1978-1980; mechanic maintenance engineer, Ministry of Water, Amman, 1985-1986; technical engineer counter part safety commission, Jordan Engineering Association, Amman, since 1983. Lecturer on occupational safety to various industrial companies and institutions, Jordan.


  • Certified engineer.


  • Other Work

    • Counter part director, contributor articles, Al-Muhandis Magazine, Al-Urdini Magazine, 1984-1985. Consultant (code book) General Safety Code for Building, Royal Science Society, 1988. Editor, contributor articles, Jordan Safety Society, 1990, reviews General Building Safety Code.

      Contributor articles on safety and health to magazines.


Member Jordan Society for Prevention of Road Accidents. Fellow American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Member Association Engineers in Amman (certified, registered mechanical engineer), American Conference Governmental Industrial Hygienists, Institution Occupational Safety and Health, Jordan Environmental Society, Jordan Engineer Association, United States of America Institution Industrial Safety Officers (London), America Society of Mechanical Engineers, Institute Occupational Safety and Health, America Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, Jordan Society for Prevention of Road Accidents, Jordan Environmental Society.


Married Amal Hassan Nuseibeh, June 28, 1962. Children: Amany, Tareq, Hanan, Hasan.

Abdul-Rauf Saleh

Sarah Musa Nuseibeh

Amal Hassan Nuseibeh

Tareq Nuseibeh

Hasan Nuseibeh

Amany Nuseibeh

Hanan Nuseibeh