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Tao-yu C. Sun (Sun To-yu)

engineer , public official

Mr. Tao-yu C. Sun was an engineer and government official who spent the biggest part of his life working on Chinese Railways at different cities all around China.


Mr. Tao-yu C. Sun was born in Shou Hsien, Anhui province, China.


After receiving preparatory education at home Mr. Sun went to America in 1899 to study. He entered the Cornell University in 1905 and graduated with the degree of Civil Engineer in 1909.


Mr. Tao-yu C. Sun returned to China in July 1909. Subsequently he was appointed a councillor of the Hanlin Yuan under the Ching Regime. Once he was an assistant examiner for students going abroad for study.

Mr. Sun was assistant-engineer of the Kirin-Changchun Railway in 1909-1910, district engineer of the same railway in 1910-1911, managing director of the same railway in 1911-1913, managing-director of Nanking-Changsha Railway in 1914-1916, managing-director of the Shanghai-Nanking Railway and Shanghai-Hangchow-Ningpo Railway in 1919 and managing director of Chu-Ching, Chow-Hsiang and Hsiang-Ngo railways from 1916.

Mr. Tao-yu C. Sun acted concurrently as director of the I-Kuei and Han-I sections of the Hankow-Szechuan Railway.

In February 1920 Mr. Sun received the Second Class Chiaho decoration. In September 1920 he was commissioned to be a member of the Famine Relief Commission under the Ministry of Communications. In October 1920 he was appointed Director-General of the Pukow Port Construction. In November 1920 he was made a member of the Railway Finance Commission. In February 1921 he was given the Second Class Tashou Chiaho.

In December 1921 Mr. Sun was relieved of the posts of managing director of Chu-ching, Chow-hsiang Railways. In July 1922 he was commissioned to be a member of the National Finance Discussion Commission. In September 1922 he was relieved of the Pukow Portpost.

In January 1923 Mr. Sun was appointed Vice-Minister of Communications - the position he held until October 1924. In March 1923 he was made a member of the Mongolian Affairs Commission. In April 1923 he received the Second Class Tashou Paokuang Chiaho.

In May 1923 Mr. Sun was commissioned to be a member of the Domestic and Foreign Debts Reorganization Commission. For a time Mr. Sun was President of the Tung Hui Industrial Corporation, a business enterprise founded by his elder brother, the late Sun To-sun, former Director-General of the Bank of China and once Governor of Anhui.


Sun To-sun - China - businessman

Sun To-sun was the elder brother of Mr. Sun. He was former Director General of the Bank of China and once Governor of Anhui.