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Tatiana Arsen’evna Mamonova

chemist , dissident , painter and poet

Tatiana Mamonova, USSR Dissident, chemist,painter and poet.


Mamonova, Tatiana was born on December 10, 1943.


One of the leading women dissidents protesting against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and calling on Russian women — mothers, wives and sisters — to encourage their men not to go to Afghanistan. For that and for her typewritten work Women and Russia (the Soviet Union’s first feminist samizdat), taken to the Committee for State Security HQ in Leningrad for questioning. Put on a plane for Vienna days before the Moscow Olympics were due to start.

Allowed to take her husband and son with her to the West. Lives in Paris. According to herself, a socialist (though not a Marxist). One of the editors of an almanac which is published in Paris.