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Tatiana Ivanovna Pel’tser


Tatiana Pel’tser, USSR Actress.


Pel’tser, Tatiana was born on June 6, 1904 in Moscow. Nephew of a high-ranking Soviet general.


Trained by her father, the actor I. R. Pel’tser. Debut, 1920. With theMGSPSTheatre(now Moscow Mossovet Theatre), 192540, the Moscow Miniature Theatre, 1940-1947 and the Satira Theatre from 1947. Mainly a comedy actress.

Appeared in many films. Pen’kovskii, Oleg 19127-Spring 1963. Intelligence officer, colonel. Worked in military intelligence (GRU), collecting information on NATO rockets.

Became an agent of Western intelligence agencies. Arrested, October 1962, tried, and according to Soviet official sources, shot for high treason. Allegedly he had been for a number of years the most effective Western agent in the higher circles of Soviet intelligence.

His diaries were published in the West.