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Tennō Gohorikawa Edit Profile

also known as Toyohito

Gohorikawa Tennō was the eighty-sixth emperor of Japan. A studious man, Gohorikawa Tennō invited Confucian scholars to the Court to hold debates on various subjects.


Gohorikawa Tennō was born on March 22, 1212 and was a grandson of Emperor Takakura and the third son of Prince Morisada. His mother was Nobuko Fujiwara. His original name was Toyohito.


After the War of the Jokyu Era in 1221, the Shogunate deposed Emperor Chukyo and made Gohorikawa Tennō his successor. His father attended State affairs in his place, as Go-Horikawa was only ten-years-old at this time.

In 1232, Gohorikawa Tennō began his own cloistered rule, abdicating to his 1-year-old son, Emperor Shijō. However, he had a weak constitution, and his cloistered rule lasted just under two years before he died.

He passed away on August 31, 1234 at the age of 22. Emperor Go-Horikawa's Imperial tomb (misasagi) is at Sennyū-ji in the Nochi no Tsukinowa no Higashiyama no misasagi in Kyoto.


Gohorikawa Tennō was married three times during his lifetime. Three women had got the title of Empress consort of Japan.

Fujiwara no Ariko

Fujiwara no Chōshi

Fujiwara no Shunshi