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Theodore Richard Spiegel is an accomplished photojournalist with more than 30 years of experience.


Theodore Richard Spiegel was born in 1934 in Newark, New Jersey, United States.


Spiegel earned an AB in 1954 from Columbia College, Columbia University, New York City. He also took photojournalism workshops at the University of Missouri in Columbia in 1960 and 1962.


In 1980s Spiegel was a visiting professor to the faculties of Communications and Architecture at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blackburg. He has been associated with the Black Star agency since 1973 and was previously with Rapho Guillumette Pictures (1960-72). In 1976 Spiegel was a guest lecturer at ICP in New York City, and he was a photographer for the State of Washington in 1959-60.

Spiegel, whose work is regularly exhibited, sees his landscape photography as a way to make people aware of the beauty in nature and a way to, in turn, encourage people to help protect and save the environment.


  • PUBLICATIONS Books: Western Shores, 1975; Columbia, 1974; Golden Isles of the Caribbean, 1973; The Vikings, 1973; Great Religions, 1971; Renaissance, 1970; Australia, 1968; Isles of the Caribees, 1967.


A member of ASMP.