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Theodore Gerald Soares

Clergyman , educator

Theodore Gerald Soares, British clergyman, educator. Member American Philosophical Association Kappa Psi, Phi Beta Kappa.


Soares, Theodore Gerald was born on October 1, 1869 in Abridge, England. Son of Augusto and Kathleen Mary (Carbery) Soares.


Came to America, 1886. Bachelor of Arts, University of Minnesota, 1891, A.M., 1892. Doctor of Philisophy, University of Chicago, 1894, D.B., 1897.

Doctor of Divinity, Knox College, Illinois, 1901. Doctor of Divinity, Meadville Theological School, Chicago, Illinois, 1938.


ordained Baptist ministry, 1894. Pastor Rockford, Illinois, 1894-1899, Galesburg, 1899-1902, Oak Park, 1902-1905. University extension lecturer on Biblical literature, University of Chicago, 1899-1905, professor homiletics, 1906-1908, homiletics and religious education, 1908-1926, religious education, 1926-1930, also head department of practical theology.

Earl lectures, Pacific School of Religion, 1927. Guest professor, California Institute Technology, winters 1928-1930, professor ethics, 1930-1945, emeritus since 1945. Preacher Hyde Park Congressional Church, Chicago, 1919-1925.

Minister Neighborhood Church (Unitarian and Congregational), Pasadena, California, 1930-1945, emeritus since 1945. President Council Religious Education Association, 1914-1916. President Religious Education Association, 1921-1924.

Member Board of Preachers, Harvard University, 1922-1930, 1931-1939. In France for Young Men’s Christian Association, speaking at American camps, 1918.


  • Other Work

    • Author: The Supreme Miracle, and Other Sermons, 1904. His Life Series, 1905. Heroes of Israel, 1909.Lessons from the Great Teachers (with Lillian M. Soares), 1911. A Baptist Manual, 1911. The Social Institutions and Ideals of the Bible, 1915.Practical Theology (in Smith, Guide to the Study of the Christian Religion), 1917. Studies in Comradeship (for American Expeditionary Force), 1919. A Study of Adult Life, 1923.How to Enjoy the Bible, 1924. Religious Education, 1928. The Story of Paul, 1930.Three Typical Beliefs, 1937. The Origins of the Bible, 1941. The Growing Concept of God in the Bible, 1943.Editor: University of Chicago Sermons, 1915. (with Shailer Mathews, and W. C. Bower) Publications in Religious Education of University of Chicago, 1914-1931. Contributor to Biblical and educational dictionaries.


Member American Philosophical Association Kappa Psi, Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: Athenaeum, Twilight, Annandale Country, University, Pasadena Athletic.


Married Lilian May Martin, July 10, 1894.

Augusto Soares

Kathleen Mary (Carbery) Soares

Lilian May Martin