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Thomas Bond Edit Profile


He was a founder of the College of Philadelphia (now the University of Pennsylvania) and was active in establishment of its medical school in 1765. He was also a founder of the American Philosophical Society in 1768 and the founder and first president of the Humane Society of Philadelphia in 1780.


In addition to his major interest in medicine, he also practiced surgery successfully. Conceiving the idea of establishing a hospital solely concerned with medicine and without the then usual concentration on care of the indigent, Bond enlisted the aid of Benjamin Franklin in raising funds.


After receiving a medical education in Paris, he entered practice in Philadelphia, Pa., about 1734.


The Pennsylvania Hospital was formally opened in 1752; and Bond served on its staff for the remainder of his life. In 1766 he inaugurated at the hospital the first course of lectures in clinical medicine in America.


  • Founded the first hospital in the English Colonies.