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Thomas Gerard Palaima Edit Profile

researcher , classics educator

Thomas Gerard Palaima, American classics educator, researcher. Fulbright fellow, Greece, 1979-1980, Austria, 1992-1993, American Council Learned Societies fellow, 1983, MacArthur Foundation fellow, 1985-1990; National Endowment of the Humanities grantee, 1984, 89. Member Archaeol. Institute American, American Philolog. Association.


Palaima, Thomas Gerard was born on October 6, 1951 in Cleveland. Son of Michael Aloysius and Ann Dolores (Schulz) Palaima.


Bachelor in Mathematics and Classics, Boston College, 1973;Doctor of Philosophy in Classics, University of Wisconsin, 1980;HHD (honorary), University Uppsala, 1994.


Palaima received a MacArthur fellowship 1985-90 for work on Aegean scripts and an honorary doctorate from the University of Uppsala in 1994. In this area of research, he has focused on paleography, scribal systems, and the use of the Linear B tablets to answer questions about many aspects of life in Greek prehistory. His other interests include writing public intellectual commentaries (well over 250 since 1999 ), reviewing books on a broad range of subjects ancient and modern, and researching, writing, teaching, and lecturing about how humans, in groups or as individuals, respond to war and violence.

He also has provided impoverished adults the opportunity to return to higher education through an innovative program that focuses on the humanities. He has written extensively about music, especially about Bob Dylan and his cultural influence. He has also studied and written about problems with NCAA athletics within American institutions of higher education.

From 2008 through 2011, he was the representative of the University of Texas at Austin on the national Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics. He also has written about problems in higher education.



Member Archaeol. Institute American, American Philolog. Association.


Michael Aloysius Palaima

Ann Dolores (Schulz) Palaima