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Thomas Horatio BEVAN Edit Profile

American Consul

Thomas Horatio BEVAN, American Consul.


BEVAN, Thomas Horatio was born on January 29, 1887 in Arlington, Maryland, United States. Son of Richard Alexander and Cora Dimmock (Johnson) Bevan.


Johns Hopkins University.


Appointed V.-Consul at Berne, 1916, Glasgow, 1917. Consul of class( eight, 1918. Remained at Glasgow on detail.

Appointed Consul of class six, 1919. Assigned to Bahia, 1919. Consul of class five, 1921, class four, 1923.

Assigned to Montevideo, 1923. Appointed Foreign Service Officer of class five, 1924. Assigned to Hamburg, 1924.

Class four, 1925; Consul General, assigned to Oslo, 1928. Class three, since 1929.


Spouse Macey Nichols.