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DUBE, THOMAS MSEBE was born on December 25, 1938 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.


University of South Africa, Bachelor's. Long Island University, 1963-1964, Master of Science. University of Chicago, 1970-1971, Master of Arts.

Michigan State University, United States of America, 1971-1972, Master of Arts. University of Rochester, United States of America, 1966-1968, Doctor of Philosophy. Spoken languages: English, Shona, Zulu, Ndebele.


Senior Pol Affairs Officer, Department for Special Pol Questions, Regional Coop, Decolonization & Trusteeship, United Nations since 1990. Senior Pol Affairs Officer, United Nations Office(s) of Commissioner for Namibia, Zambia, 1989-1990. United Nations Regional Representative, United Nations Office(s) of Commissioner for Namibia, Law Firm of Ben Baron & Partners, Zimbabwe, 1975-1979.

Law Practitioner, Ben Baron & Partners, Western Michigan University, United States of America, 1970-1975. Professor of Psychology & Pol Science(s), Geneva College, United States of America, 1968-1970. Associate Proofessor, Malcolm King College, New York, 1981-1986.

Participant-time Professor of Psychology, Zambia, 8990. Participant-time Professor of Psychology, Ministry of Education, Zimbabwe, 1960-1963.


Member: Former Member, American Association of University Associations & Zimbabwe Law (Bar) Society.


Spouse Tapu Mataafa, National of New Zealand.

Tapu Mataafa