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Tikhon Pavlovich GUBENKO


Tikhon GUBENKO, USSR Engineering. Professor 1945; Doctor of Technology Science; Head since 1945, Chair of Electronic Machinery and Equipment, and Dean since 1956, Power Engineering Faculty, Lvov Polytechn. Institute; Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of Uzbekistan Soviet Socialist Republic since 1944.


GUBENKO, Tikhon was born in 1896 in Konotop, Ukrainia.


1913-1915 studied at Petrograd Polytechn. Institute; 1916 graduated Military Engineering School. 1927 graduated Kiev Polytechn.



During First Five-Year Plan helped reconstruct and construct metallurgical plants in the Donbas: Mariupol Pipe Mill, Makeevka Metallurgical Plant and “Zaporozhstal” Steel Plant. 1941-1945 directed reorgan, and development of power engineer and metallurgical industrial in Uzbekistan. Deputy, Lvov City Soviet.

Author of over 70 works on control and braking of electrical motors, and automation of production processes, especially oil well drilling, etc. For more then 20 years headed Chair of Industry Utilization of Electronic Power and Chair of Electronic Machinery and Equipment, Kharkov Electrotechn. Institute; 1941-1945 Professor, Central Asian Industry Institute, Tashkent.