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Tikhon Zakharovich SEMUSHKIN

ethnographer , writer , Russ

Tikhon SEMUSHKIN, Russ, writer; ethnographer. Stalin Prize, 1949. Member, Communist Party, since 1952.


SEMUSHKIN, Tikhon was born in 1900 in village Staraya Kutlya, now Penza Oblast.


Studied at Moscow University.


1924-1932 worker at a Chukotka fur factory. Statistician; local historian. Studied life and culture of Northern peoples.

Organized first boarding school for Chukchi children in Chukotka National Okrug. Helped develop Chukchi written language and, under guidance of Professor Tan-Bogoraz, compiled Chukchi alphabet. At Popular Commissariat of Education concerned with education of Northern peoples.

Now working on a novel about Soviet sailors plying North Sea Passage.


Member, Communist Party, since 1952.


Member, Communist Party, since 1952.