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Timo Ensio KORVA

Member of the Eduskunta

Timo Ensio KORVA, Member of the Eduskunta.


KORVA, Timo Ensio was born on June 9, 1948 in Posio, Lapland, Finland.


Master of Political Science, 1972.


Researcher, Ministry of Labour, 1972-1973. Planning chief, Province of Lapland Provincial Government, 1984-1987. City manager, Kemijârvi, since 1986.

Member of Parliament, since 1991. Member, Admin. Committee. Member, Defence Committee.

Member. Economic Committee. Chief registrar in the accounting office, Central Statistical Office, 19731975. Planning secretary. City of Kemijârvi, 1975-1984.


Spouse Helvi Marjatta Korva (née Tuovinen), 1971.