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Timofey Fedorovich GORBACHEV

mining engineer

Timofey GORBACHEV, USSR Mining engineer. Professor 1951; Candidate of Geology Science since 1944; corresponding member, USSR Academy of Science, since 1958; Deputy Presidium Chairman, Siberian Department, and Presidium Chairman, West Siberian Branch, Siberian Deputy, USSR Academy of Science; Head, Laboratory of Mining Pressure, Institute of Mining, Siberian Deputy, USSR Academy of Science, since 1958. Member, Communist Party, since 1942.


GORBACHEV, Timofey was born in 1900 in village Troitskaya, now Tambov Oblast.


1928 graduated Mining Faculty, Tomsk Polytechn. Institute.


Deputy, Novosibirsk Oblast Soviet of Workers’ Deputy. Member, Party Committee, Siberian Deputy, USSR Academy of Science. At 1955 Congress on Mining in France presented paper on “Modern Systems of Working Thick, Steeply-Dipping Seams in the Kuzbas”.

1956 with other specialists of USSR Minister of Coal Industry visited Poland to help develop Polish coal industry. 1957-1959 member, USSR delegation German Democratic Republic to present papers at Freiberg Mining Academy, on “Basic Trends in Improving Methods of Working Thick Coal Seams”. Received 3 patents for part in designing “Kuzbas” water-powered self-propelled combine.

Works deal with problems of working thick steeplydipping seams and systems of mining with self-advancing support. 1920-1923 in Red partisan units, then in Red Army. 1928-1936 in coal industry.

1936-1941 Director, Kuznets Coal Research Institute, Novosibirsk. 1946-1950 Chief Engineering, Kuznets Basin Coal Combine (“Kuzbassugol”). 195054 Director, and 1951-1954 simultaneously Head, Chair of Blanket Deposit Mining, Kemerovo Mining Institute.

1954-1958 Chairman, Presidium, Novosibirsk West Siberian Branch, USSR Academy of Science.


Member, Communist Party, since 1942.


Member, Communist Party, since 1942.