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Timofey Sazonovich GORBUNOV

government and party official

Timofey GORBUNOV, USSR Government and Party official. Historian; full member and Academy Seer,Department of Society Science, Belarusian Academy of Sciences, since 1959; Chairman, Belarusian Supreme Soviet, since 1959; member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Lithuania Belarusian, since 1940. Member, Communist Party, since 1926.


GORBUNOV, Timofey was born in 1904 in village Saniki, Vitebsk Oblast.


1932 graduated Minsk Communist University. 1948 graduated Academy, of Society Science, Central Committee, All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks).


1912-1917 in agricultural. 1917-1922 worker at a saw-mill. Since 1919 in Communist Youth League society and political work, then Secretary, Biklozh Communist Youth League Cell.

1922-1924 worker in “Dvina” Flax Mill, Vitebsk. 1926-1928 Head, Novik Vil. Reading Room, Beshenkovich Rayon, and Secretary, local rural Party organization.

1932-1933 Editor, rayon newspaper “Balshavik Barysaushchyny” (Bolshevik of Borisovshchina). 1933-1937 corresponding, newspaper “Pravda”. 1937-1939 Chief Editor, Belarusian State Publ.

House; 1939-1941 Excc. Editor, newspaper “Zvyazda”. 1941 Propaganda Secretary, Central Committee, Communist Party (Bolsheviks) Belarusian.

1941-1945, as Central Committee, Communist Party (Bolsheviks) Belarusian representative on Political Board, Western Front, worked among population and organized partisan activity in Belarusian. 1942-1945 simultaneously Presidium member, All-Slav Committee, and Editor of its journal “Slavyane” (Slavs). 1948-1950 Deputy Chairman, All-Union Society for the Dissemination of Political and Science Knowledge.

Chief Editor, journal “Nauka i zhizn” (Science and Life). Simultaneously Head, Chair of the Principles of MarxismLeninism, 2nd Moscow Medicine Institute. 1950-1959 Secretary, Central Committee, Communist Party Belarusian.

Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1950, 1954 and 1958 convocation. Deputy, Belarusian Supreme Soviet of 1951, 1955 and 1959 convocation. Voting delegation at 1956 and 1959 Communist Party of the Soviet Union Congresses.


Religion doesn't give equal treatment to women and therefore contradicts basic human rights.


Member, Communist Party, since 1926.


Communist Party is the leading force of Soviet society, and the nucleus of all state and public organizations.


Member, Communist Party, since 1926.