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Timothy Michael COUCHLAN Edit Profile

colonel , United States Army

Timothy Michael COUCHLAN, Colonel, United States Army. Member of Military Order of the Carabao; Knights of Columbus.


COUCHLAN, Timothy Michael was born on October 17, 1875 in Doon. Company, Limerick, Ireland. Son of Jeremiah and Mary (O’Brien) Goughian.


United States Military Academy, 1895 to 1896. Command and General Staff School. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 1924.


Snelling, Minnesota Lieutenant Colonel, Cavalry, temporary, December 1917. Colonel, Cavalry, November 1918 to June 1920, Lieutenant Colonel, Cavalry, July 1920 to September 1929, Colonel, Cavalry. September since 1929.

On General Staff Corps Eligible List.


Member of Military Order of the Carabao. Knights of Columbus. Clubs: Catholic (New York), Olympic (San Francisco).


Spouse Helen Woolfolk Gardner, May 31, 1906, Fort.