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Tjalling Charles Koopmans


Tjalling Koopmans was a Dutch-American mathematician and economist, the joint winner with Leonid Kantorovich of the 1975 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.


Koopmans, Tjalling Charles was born on August 28, 1910 in s’Graveland, Netherlands. Son of Sjoerd and Wijtske (van der Zee) Koopmans.


Doctor of Philosophy, University Leiden, Netherlands, 1936. Doctor of Philosophy. honorary doctorate econs, Netherlands School Economics, 1963, Catholic U. Louvain, Belgium, 1967. Honorary Doctor of Science, Northwestern University, 1975.

Honorary Doctor of Laws, University of Pennsylvania, 1976.


Research Economics, University of Chicago, 1944-1955, associate professor economics, 1946-1948, professor economics, 1948-1955. Director research Cowles Commission, 1948-1954. Professor economics Yale, since 1955.

Director Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, 1961-1967, Alfred Cowles professor economics, 1967-1981, Alfred Cowles emeritus professor economics, 1981-1985 Frank W. Taussig professor economics Harvard, 1960-1961.


  • He's known for Exogenous growth model Econometrics, Economics of transportation, Koopmans' Theorem


  • works

    • Three Essays on the State of Eonomic Science, 1957. Editor: Statistical Inference in Dynamic Economic Models, 1950, Activity Analysis of Production and Allocation, 1951. Co-editor: Studies in Econometric Method, 1953.Contributor articles to professional jours.


After a summer of reading Albert Schweitzer's Geschichte der Leben Jesu Forschung, Tjalling greatly upset his parents by declining to confess to the Protestant faith and become a member of the church.


After Great depression of the early thirties, he became a communist-oriented.


Fellow Econometric Society (vice president 1949, president 1950, council since 1949). Member American Academy Arts and Sciences, National Academy Sciences, American Economics Association (president 1978), Royal Netherlands Academy Arts and Sciences (correspondent), American Mathematical Society, Institute Management Sciences, Operations Research Society American.


  • Other Interests

    mathematics, psychology and psychiatry, theoretical physics, economics, mathematical statistics


Married Truus Wanningen, October 1936. Children: Anne W., Henry S., Helen J. Master of Arts in Physics and Math, U. Utrecht, Netherlands, 1933.

Sjoerd van


Truus Wanningen

Anne W. Koopmans

in 1944 He invited Tjalling to join the staff of the Cowles Commission for Research in Economics, affiliated with the University of Chicago. This was the beginning of a long period of close interaction, collaboration, and personal friendship

Henry S. Koopmans

Yale colleague, on the description and comparison of economic systems

Helen J. Master of Arts in Physics and Math Koopmans

U. Utrecht Koopmans

Leonid Kantorovich
Leonid Kantorovich  - co-author of Tjalling Koopmans

(Tjalling C. Koopmans was the joint winner, with Leonid Kantorovich, of the 1975 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences) ; Hans Kramers - co-author of Koopmans’s publication in quantum mechanics.