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Tony LARUE, French Senator. Officer of the Legion of Honour; Cross of the voluntary combatant in the Resistance; decoration for services to education in France and social organization; Commander of l’Etoile and the Grande Comore; Knight of the national order of merit of Senegal; medal of liberated France.


LARUE, Tony was born on August 18, 1904 in Rouen, SeineMaritime, France. Parents: Maurice Larue and Marie Larue (née Scurin).


Fontenelle College, Rouen. Certificate in chartered accountancy.


Elected Mayor of Grand-Quevilly, since 1935, reelected continually apart from 1941-1944 by the Vichy government. Member of the management committee of the Association of Mayors in France, 1956-1977. Socialist Deputy of the Seine-Maritime, 1956-1977.

General Councillor of the Grand-Couronne district 1945-1951. and since 1964, re-elected in 1970 and 1976. Vice-President of the National Assembly, 1974-1975. Elected Socialist Senator of the Seine-Maritime, 1977, reelected in 1986.

Regional Councillor, 1974-1986. Chairman of the regional council of Haute-Normandie, 1982. Chartered Accountant, 1927-1970.

Judicial expert, 1937-1974. Authorized accounts Commissioner at the Court of Appeal, since 1937. Member, regional council of chartered accountants, 1945, re-elected 1951, 1957 and 1963.

Chairman, regional council of chartered accounts, 1954-1957. Administrator, national company of chartered accountants. 1937-1964; technical education Councillor, since 1939.


Spouse Francine Alexandre, 1979. Children: Janine, Daniel, Nathalie.