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Tsi-sheng Wu 烏澤聲字镝笙

government official

Tsi-sheng Wu was a Chinese government official.


Mr. Wu was born in Kirin, China in 1884.


Tsi-sheng Wu graduated from Waseda University, Japan.


Tsi-sheng Wu was a member of the First Parliament (Mongolia), 1913. Upon dissolution of the Parliament by Yuan Shih-kai, he was engaged in journalistic enterprises in Peking, being president of the Ta Tung Pao, Kuo Hua Pao and Mei Jih Hsin Wen. He was a member of the Lower House in 1916-1917, and a senator in the provisional Senate in 1917-1918. While serving in the Parliament, he was also president of the Using Ming Pao at Peking and re-elected member of the Lower House in 1918-1920. At different times, he also served as counsellor at large and secretary to the Minister of Interior and to the Minister of Agriculture and Commerce and a member of the China delegation to the Sino-Russian Conference in 1930.