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Tsung-hsi Bei Edit Profile

also known as Pai Tsung-hsi

army officer

Bei Tsung-hsi was a serviceman who held different military positions in the thirtieth of the 20th century.


Mr. Bei was born in Kweilin, Kwangsi, 1893.


Bei Tsung-hsi received his military education at the Paoting Military Academy in Chihli.


Bei Tsung-hsi participated in the 1911 Revolution at Wuchang. Mr. Bei joined the Northern Punitive Expedition of the Nationalist Forces and was appointed commander of the 13th Army and acting chief of staff of the Nationalist Forces, 1926. He was a garrison commander of Shanghai and Woosung Area 1927 (he being the first Southern commander to occupy Shanghai).

Bei Tsung-hsi held the position of a commander of the 2nd route army corps in occupation of Hauchow 1927 and also assisted Li Tsung-jen and Cheng Chien in Nanking Punitive Expedition against Tang Shen-chi (then rebelling against Nanking Government). In 1928 he took up the post of a vice-Commander-Chief of the Nationalist 4th Group Army under Li Tsung-jen and member of the Wuhan Division of the Central Political Council. The following year (1929) Bei Tsung-hsi became vice-Commander of the Hu-Tang-Chiu-Kuo Chun (The Party Protection and National Preservation Army). In 1930 he was appointed a member of the Political Council of the Southwest. Finally, he became a Deputy Commander of the Kwangsi Provincial Army.


  • Political Council of the Southwest