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Tsung-yin Teng Edit Profile

also known as Tsoong inug Dunn

consular official

Teng Tsung-yin was a Chinese consular official.


Mr. Teng was born in 1892. He was native of Kiangsi province.


Teng Tsung-yin graduated from Wisconsin University in 1914 (Bachelor of Arts). Then he received his Master of Arts degree in Columbia University in 1916 and passed Diplomatic Examination in 1919.


He was a member of Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1919, secretary of Chinese Legation in Peru and concurrently Chinese consul general at Lima in 1925-28. Then Mr. Teng took a position secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the National Government, 1932.

Later he was promoted senior secretary of the same Ministry 1933-34, Chinese Consul-General for the Philippine Islands, 1935.