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Tu-pi Hsieh Edit Profile

Government official , lawyer

Mr. Hsieh Tu-pi was a Chinese lawer and public official who used to occupy such positions as Military Judge to 16th Mixed Brigade, Magistrate of Channg-teh Hsieh, director of the Shensi Opium Prevention Bureau and others as well.


Mr. Hsieh Tu-pi was born at Chieh Hsieh, Shanxi province in 1892.


Mr. Hsieh graduated from the Shansi Provincial Law College.


In February 1912 Mr. Hsieh was appointed a Judge of the Local Court of Hotung District, Shansi. In October of the same year he was transferred to become Judge of the Local Court of Pingyang District.

In December 1914 Mr. Hsieh was appointed by the Commander of the 16th Mixed Brigade, who was then no other person than General Feng Yu-hsiang, to be Secretary. Mr. Hsieh became Military Judge to the same Brigade. In April 1918 he received a concurrent position as Chief of the Ching-shih Likin Station in Hunan in which province the 16th Mixed Brigade was then stationed. In July he was transferred to be Chief of the Chang-teh Likin Station.

In August 1918 Mr. Hsieh was awarded the Third Class Chiaho in recognition of service rendered in connection with recapturing the city of Chang-teh, Hunan, from the hands of Southern leaders. In July 1919 Mr. Hsieh was appointed Magistrate of Channg-teh Hsieh. This position he held until July 1920 when he went North with the 16th Mixed Brigade of which he was still the Military Legal Officer. At the same time he received the Second Class Chiaho.

In 1921 General Feng Yu-hsiang became Tuchun of Shensi while General Liu Chen-hua was the Civil Governor. In July that year Civil Governor Liu appointed Mr. Hsieh to be Magistrate of Yenyahg Hsieli. In August he was transferred to be Acting Magistrate of Chang-an Hsien, the capital of the province of Shensi.

In October 1921 Mr. Hsieh was appointed jointly by Tuchun Feng and Governor Liu to act as director of the Shensi Opium Prevention Bureau. In December 1921 Mr. Hsieih was appointed to act for the Chief of the Shensi Financial Bureau. In May 1922 he was appointed by a President Mandate to be Acting. Chief of the Shensi Financial Bureau. In the meanwhile General Feng Yu-hsiang was transferred to Honan.

In May 1922 the Civil Governor of Honan appointed Mr. Hsieh to act for the Chief of the Honan Financial Bureau. In June another Presidential Mandate appointed him to be Acting Chief of that Bureau.

In January 1923 Mr. Hsieh was appointed Acting ViceMinister of Justice. For some time after May 1923 he was concurrently Chief Secretary of the Cabinet. In July 1923 Mr. Hsieh was appointed to act concurrently as Chief of the Peking Octroi. In January 1924 Mr.Hsieh was appointed to take charge of the Affairs of the Ministry of Justice. Besides this post which he is still holding, Mr. Hsien is now the Director of the Peking Octroi.