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Tung-shih Lin Edit Profile

also known as Lynn Tong-sih

government official

Tung-shih Lin was a Chinese government official.


Mr. Lin was native of Fukien.


Tung-shih Lin was graduate of University of Paris.


Mr. Lin was an attache to the Chinese Legation in Paris, France in 1902 and secretary in 1905-1909, First Secretary of the Special Mission sent to Belgium, Denmark, Spain and Sweden in August, 1909, First Secretary to the Chinese Legation in France in 1910, Charge d'Affaires in France in 1911, Charge d' Affaires in Portugal, Cuba and Brazil in 1912-1917.

He worked also as an adviser on Foreign Affairs to the President in 1918, assistant-director of the Political Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Then he received the rank of Ministre Plenipotentiaire in 1919 and Secretary-General of the National Labor University in 1930, was a Chief of Protocol and Assistant-Director of the Department of General Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1932.