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Ueli Grossniklaus Edit Profile

researcher , Developmental geneticist

Ueli Grossniklaus, Swiss developmental geneticist, researcher. Searle scholar Chicago Charitable Trust, 1998; Swiss Chemical Society fellow, 1988-1989, European Molecular Biology Organization fellow, 1994, Human Frontiers Science Organization fellow, 1995-1996, Janggen-Poehn Foundation fellow, 1997, Demerec-Kaufmann-Hollaender fellow in development genetics, 1997.


Grossniklaus, Ueli was born on January 25, 1964 in Beatenberg, Bern, Switzerland. Came to the United States, 1994. Son of Robert J.C. and Kathi (Ruprecht) Grossniklaus.


Bachelor of Science, University Basel, 1986. Master of Science, University Basel, 1989. Doctor of Philosophy, University Basel, 1993.


Research associate Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Science Research, Bangalore, India, 1993-1994. Fellow Cold Spring Harbor (New York ) Laboratory, 1994-1996, assistant investigator, 1996-1999, adjunct professor, since 1999. Staff scientist Friedrich Niescher Institute, Switzerland, 1999-2000.

Professor plant development biology University Zurich, since 2000.


  • Achievements include involvement in establishing enhancer detection as a powerful tool to study developmental biology in the fruitfly Drosophila. Study of oogenesis and early embryogenesis in Drosophila molecular isolation of the first gametophytic maternal effect gene in plants. Identification of the first imprinted gene in plants with a role in morphogenesis.

    Discovery of genome-wide differences in gene expression between paternal and maternal genomes in early seed development of plants. Research in plant reproduction and apomixis.


Member American Association Plant Physiologists, Society for Developmental Biology, American Botanical Society, Genetic Society of America (Undergrad. award 1988).


Married Beatrice Geiser, May 4, 1991. Children: Nyima, Anja Lisa.

Robert J.C. Grossniklaus

Kathi (Ruprecht) Grossniklaus

Beatrice Geiser

Nyima Grossniklaus

Anja Lisa Grossniklaus