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journalist , politician , writer , author

Upton Beall Sinclair was an American author, journalist and politician


In 1904, Sinclair spent seven weeks in disguise, working undercover in Chicago's meatpacking plants to research his fictional exposé, The Jungle. He ran as a Socialist candidate for Congress. Sinclair wrote or produced several films.Aside from his political and social writings, Sinclair took an interest in psychic phenomena and experimented with telepathy. He twice ran unsuccessfully for Congress on the Socialist ticket: in 1920 for the House of Representatives and in 1922 for the Senate.In 1934 Sinclair ran in the California gubernatorial election as a Democrat.

Springtime and Harvest (1901); 1st novel

The Jungle (1906)

The Fasting Cure (1911);

The Cry for Justice (1915)

King Coal (1917)

The Profits of Religion (1918), essay

Jimmy Higgins (1919)

The Brass Check (1920);journalism criticism

The Book of Life, Mind and Body

The Goosestep (1923)

Oil! (1927)

Boston (1928)

The Gnomobile. A Gnice Gnew Gnarrative With Gnonsense But Gnothing Gnaughty (1936)

The Flivver King (1937)


  • Founded the state's chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (American Civil Liberties Union).


  • Film

    • ¡Qué viva México! (1930-32 )


one-time candidate for governor of California


Upton Beall Sinclair - liquor salesman

Priscilla Harden

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Meta Fuller

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Mary Craig Kimbrough

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Elizabeth Willis