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V.K. Makhaiskii

economist , politician

V.K. Makhaiskii, USSR Economist, politician.


Makhaiskii, V.K. was born in 1867.


Member of the Polish socialist movement. Exiled for revolutionary activity to Siberia. Wrote in the 1890s, in Iakutia, a theoretical work, Umstvennyi Raboehii (published in Geneva in 1904-1905 in 3 parts), in which he described scientific socialism as a gigantic swindle perpetrated against the working class by a new parasitic class-the intelligentsia - which monopolized knowledge.

This train of thought (makhaievshchina) was treated by the Bolsheviks as an especially dangerous heresy, was denounced before the revolution (it found some sympathy among workers in the 1900s), and ruthlessly suppressed after the Bolsheviks came to power.