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Vadim Mikhailovich Shavrov

church historian

Vadim Shavrov, USSR Church historian.


Shavrov, Vadim was born in 1924 in Moscow.


In his youth, a fanatical communist. Served in theSoviet Navy during World War II. Arrested, 1948 (in connection with the arrest of his father), sentenced to 10 years in the Gulag camps. Released, 1954. Entered Odessa seminary, 1955.

Later became well-known in samizdat, writing on religious subjects. Gave a detailed description of his own conversion from militant atheist to Christian believer. Co-writer (with Krasnov-Levitin) of a 3-volume history of the Living Church schism in the Orthodox church (an attempt to subvert the church from within).

Placed into a special psychiatric clinic, 1982. Released shortly before his death.