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Valentin ZUBKOV

pilot , clipping room engineer , film actor

Valentin ZUBKOV, USSR Film actor; clipping room engineer; pilot.


Since 1956 film actor. During World War II in Soviet Army. After discharge joined amateur troupe, House of Pioneers of Moscow Sverdlovsk Rayon.

Film roles: Vasiliy Skvortsov in “Так eto nachalos” (That’s How it Started), (1956). Stepan in “Letyat zhuravli” (The Cranes Are Flying) (1957). The deserter Stepan in “Kommunisl” (The Communist) (1958).

Koshelev in “Troe vyshli iz lesa” (Three Came out of the Forest) (1958). The scout Klerk in “Na Tisse” (On the Tissa) (1958). The engineer Sergey Ivanovich in “Otsovsky doin’’ (Father’s House) (1958).

Nikolay in “Solntse svetit vsem” (The Sun Shines for All) (1959), etc.