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Valery Leonid MAKAROV


Valery Leonid MAKAROV, economist in the field of Mathematical Methods; Technical Progress; Organisation; Decision Theory. Fellow, Econometrica Society, 1979.


MAKAROV, Valery Leonid was born in 1937 in Novosibirsk, USSR.


Doctor of Philosophy, Dr (Mathematics) University Moscow, 1965, 1968.


Scientific Worker, Chief Laboratory, Deputy Director, Institute, Institution Mathematics, Siberian Branch Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, 1960-1966, 1967-1973, 1973-1980. Professor Mathematics Economics, Novosibirsk State University, 1973-1980. Director, National Research Institute, Institution Organisation and Management Problems, Moscow, USSR, since 1980.

Editorial Board, Siberian Mathematics J.


  • Fellow, Econometrica Society, 1979.


Early investigations were connected mostly with standard mathematical economics’ problems: structure of non Neuman and Leontief models, turnpike theorems in growth theory, existence of an economic equilibrium in a general model of a competitive economy, etc. Later, more realistic situations were investigated: multiple price and currency systems, rationing in production and consumption especially for a socialist economy, and co-existence between central planning, rationing and market mechanism in an actual economic system. In economics of innovations, I introduced the value of an innovation as such and studied the consequences of the notion.