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Vasilii Pavlovich Aksenov


Vasilii Aksenov, USSR Author.


Aksenov, Vasilii was born in 1932 in Kazan’ where his father was mayor.


For a time, in the 1960s, the star writer of the Soviet Union. His parents were arrested and taken to a labour camp, when he was aged 4. Taken to an orphanage for children of the enemies of the people by train in a sealed compartment with a Committee for State Security nurse.

Rescued by a brave uncle who had already lost his job. Grew up with his grandmother. Reunited with his mother, Evgenia Ginzburg, the writer and journalist, when he was 16.

Lived together with his mother in internal exile in Magadan in Siberia. In 1956 graduated from the Leningrad Medical Institute. Worked as a doctor in the Far North, 1956-1960.

Moved to Karelia. Doctor in Karelia and Leningrad Commercial Ports, later at a Moscow ТВ clinic. His first novel, Kollegi, became an instant bestseller in 1960. His next book, Zvezdnyi Bilet, 1961, confirmed his reputation as a modern Soviet writer.

Criticized by Soviet critics for his ‘bad language’ (which is in fact the slang of modern Soviet youth). Other books: Na Polpuii к Lune (1962), Apelsiny lz Marokko (1963). Emigrated, after difficulties with authorities, being unable to publish his work, 1980.

Lives in California and teaches Russian literature at American universities.