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Vasilii Matveevich Serov


Vasilii Serov, USSR Revolutionary.


Serov, Vasilii was born on December 29, 1878 in Khvalynsk, near Saratov. Son of a craftsman.


In 1899, graduated from the Kazan’ Teachers’ Institute. Teacher in Aktarsk. In 1902, moved to Petersburg. Correspondence course student at Petersburg University.

Involved there in revolutionary activity. Took an active part in the revolution, 1905-1907. In 1907, deputy from the Bolshevik faction (Saratov constituency) at the 2nd State Duma.

End of 1907, arrested for Bolshevik activity, sentenced to 5 years hard labour and exile to Eastern Siberia. Continued revolutionary activity in Eastern Siberia. March 1917-August 1918, chairman of the Verkhneudinsk Soviet (Siberia).

In August 1918, taken prisoner near Chita by the Whites, tried and executed.