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Vasiliy Nikitich MATVEEV


Vasiliy MATVEEV, USSR Dermovenerologist. Lecturer; Candidate of Medical Science since 1935; Director, Uzbek Dermovenerological Research Institute, Uzbek Ministry of Health, since 1947; Honoured Worker of Science of Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. Order of Lenin; Order of Red Star; four medals; two Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic Supreme Soviet Presidium's Scrolls of Honor.


MATVEEV, Vasiliy was born in 1900.


1924 graduated Medical Faculty, 2nd Moscow University. 1933-1935 postgrad, student at Central Dcrmovenerological Institute, USSR Popular Commissariat of Health, Moscow.


Led 10 dermovenerological expeditions in Union and autonomous republ. Since 1947 Deputy Chairman, Tashkent Society of Dermovenerologists. Deputy Chairman, Uzbek Society of Dermovenerologists.

Since 1950 board member, All-Union Society of Dermovenerologists;s. 1953 member, Learned Medicine Council, Uzbek Ministry of Health. Member, Editor Council, “Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii” (Herald of Dermatology and Venerology).

Author of over 50 works on dermatology and venerology. 1924-1932 doctor and dcrmovencrologist in various medical institutions. 1936-1947 senior associate, Central Dermovenerological Institute, USSR Popular Commissariat of Health, Moscow.


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Individuals have rights to express freedom if it safeguarde the interests of a collective.