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Vera Aleksandrovna Trail


Vera Trail, USSR Journalist.


Trail, Vera was born in 1906. Daughter of A.Guchkov.


After 1917, emigrated with her parents. Married the musicologist Suvchinskii, a leader of the Eurasians in Prague, later member of a pro-Soviet organization in Paris (of which M. Tsvetaeva’s husband S. Efron was also a member). After her divorce, married the British communist Trail (King’s College, Cambridge) who volunteered to fight against Franco in Spain and was killed in action.

Became an active member of the French Communist Party. Visited the USSR several times, lived there in 1936. Close friend of Baroness M. Budberg.

Played a part in the return to the USSR of Sviatopolk-Mirskii, who later died in a concentration camp. After the Soviet-German Pact, arrested in France, 1939. Released, 1941, and moved to London with the help of A. Halpern (husband of Salomea Andronikova).

Settled in London, ran an au pair agency, and wrote novels and film reviews for The Observer. Spent her last years in Cambridge.