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Viktor Ivanovich IVANOV

electronic engineer

Viktor IVANOV, USSR Electronic engineer. Doctor of Tcchn. Science and Professor 1943; Head, Chair of Heavy-Duty High-Voltage Conversion Equipment in Industry and Impulse Installations, Ulyanov Electrotechn. Institute, Leningrad, since 1956.


IVANOV, Viktor was born in 1900 in Penza.


1918-1921 studied at Physico-Mathematical Faculty, Saratov University. 1927 graduated Leningrad Electrotechn. Institute.


Since 1927 instructor, Leningrad Electrotechn. Institute; simultaneously directed work on relay protection for Leningrad Power System. 1932-1941 Director,Department of Relay Protection, Leningrad Electrotechn.

Institute; 1941-1944 in Urals, working on construction of new power installations and teaching at Ural Polytechn. Institute and Timber Institute. 1944-1947 instructor, Zhukov Academy, and Ordzhonikidze Aviation Institute, Moscow.

1947-1956 Head, Chair of High Voltages, Leningrad Electrotechn. Institute; simultaneously worked with Direct Current Research Institute and Institute of Electromech., USSR Academy of Science, studying transient processes in lines, developing protection systems for them, and on physical modeling of heavy-duty power systems. Developed and supervised preparation of high-frequency protection systems for electrical transmission lines.

40 sets of such protection systems were completed for Moscow, Leningrad, Donbas and Ural Regional Board of Power Management.