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Viktor Andreevich KONDRATENKO

head , minister , writer , poet

Viktor KONDRATENKO, Russ, writer and poet; Head, Main Film Production Board, Ukrainia Minister of Culture.


KONDRATENKO, Viktor was born in 1911 in Kharkov, Ukrainia.


Studied at Institute of Public Education.


1930-1933 metal-turner at “Elektrostal” Plant. Since 1933 for some years served with armored units in Red Army. Since 1937 corresponding, newspaper “Krasnaya Armiya” (Red Army).

1939 with occupation troops in Western Ukrainia and 1940 in Bessarabia. 1941-1945 at the front and took part in fighting near Stalingrad. After demobilization worked on edition staff, journal “Sovetskaya Ukraina” (Soviet Ukraine).