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Viktor Ivanovich Kosichkin


Viktor KOSICHKIN, USSR 1960 World Olympic Champion at Squaw Valley in 5,000 meter ice-skating. Gold and Silver Medals at 1960 Winter Olympic Games, Squaw Valley; Order of Red Banner of Labor.


Kosichkin, Viktor was born on February 25, 1938 in the village of Moshki, Rybnovskii Raion, Riazan’ Oblast’.


Graduated from the Interior ministry Higher School, 1969.


Honoured Master of Sports (skating), 1960. With Moscow Dynamo. Trained as an intelligence officer. USSR champion. 1960 -65, at various distances.

Olympic champion, 1960 (5,000 metres). European champion, 1961. World champion. 1962.

Silver medal, 1960 (10.000 metres).